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Published on 16 March 2020

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Welcome to UPSC CSE 2020 Preparation on Science and Technology for the Civil Services Exam. Science and Technology is part of both UPSC Prelims Syllabus and the UPSC Mains Syllabus (GS III). Also, science subjects like Botany, Chemistry and Biology are part of the optional subject choices in the IAS Mains exam. Science and technology is one of the most dynamic subjects in the UPSC exam. Questions are now exclusively current affairs based.

Welcome to Unacademy UPSC, your one-stop solution for UPSC CSE preparation.

India’s top educators will be teaching you daily on this channel. We will cover the entire syllabus, strategy, updates, and notifications which will help you to crack the UPSC CSE exam.

Unacademy platform has the best educators from all over the country, who take live classes every day.

UPSC Edge for Prelims 2020 has been designed to give you an edge over other aspirants. It's a high-performance program. It includes things like high-frequency topics (topics which are very frequently asked in exams), must-know topics, must-know current affairs and other things that are very relevant for UPSC Prelims. All these things will be covered in a concise manner that you can easily follow. UPSC has a vast syllabus. With the help of our expertise, you will be able to navigate UPSC Prelims smoothly. You can rely on our program to score high in the upcoming UPSC Prelims.

Hii Students you can find out below all the videos of UPSC EDGE for Prelims 2020 Program from below mentioned playlists wise:

πŸš€ Environment by Sumit Sir
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GrakJFwfX0&list=PLNxn32GQW_zmfm6yq9dJmoidL34loNJ9B
πŸš€ History by Pareek Sir
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MKSsXO5s3M&list=PLNxn32GQW_zlf9waOAsJdVMYzg7TQJP3N
πŸš€ Polity by Pawan Sir
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5DjcXjzSuY&list=PLNxn32GQW_zkOCFn3Uahmjd0IlwYAPrVh
πŸš€ Economics by Ashirwad Sir
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg6AV_24lsM&list=PLNxn32GQW_znb-bQHxakBjKCFaDBoDj7U
πŸš€ Geography by Rohan Sir
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yudw_Z5wz10&list=PLNxn32GQW_zk58xCttnsyWTjuDIv4h_Jy
πŸš€ Science and Technology by Sandeep Sir
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzslD1uP1sg&list=PLNxn32GQW_zlX_cDrb68N0_PgubfYvogC
πŸš€ CSAT Maths & Reasoning by Sahil Sir
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=votnZ0B9w40&list=PLNxn32GQW_zly-56TXhbQqq5tLsJ7kTZ-
πŸš€ CSAT English by Akanksha Ma'am
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjvGmb5HYR0&list=PLNxn32GQW_zm2Xb5Il9T_IF9sBS1hk8x9

πŸš€ UPSC CSE/IAS Notification 2020
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://youtu.be/F1AaJu2MbSE
πŸš€ How to Fill UPSC CSE Form 2020
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://youtu.be/SkKu_xADa0s
πŸš€ Strategy to Clear UPSC IAS Prelims 2020
Watch Here πŸ“Ί:- https://youtu.be/XfTwHyRtuiY

=== Live Classes Schedule (Mon-Fri) from 2nd March ===

✿ UPSC CSE 2020 Special Daily Questionnaire Series:
05:00 AM - Daily Current Affairs Questions by Sumit Sir
06:00 AM - Daily Polity Questions by Pawan Sir
07:00 AM - Daily News Analysis Current Affairs by Pareek Sir

✿ UPSC CSE 2020 Morning Shows:
08:00 AM - Current Affairs Show by Sumit Sir
09:00 AM - The Hindu Editorial by Ashirwad Sir

✿ UPSC Edge 2020 (General Studies Paper-I):
02:00 PM - Environment and Ecology by Sumit Sir
03:00 PM - History, Art & Culture by Pareek Sir
04:00 PM - Polity, IR, Report & Indices by Pawan Sir
05:00 PM - Economics by Ashirwad Sir
06:00 PM - Geography by Rohan Sir
07:00 PM - Science & Tech by Sandeep Sir

✿ UPSC CSAT 2020 (General Studies Paper-II):
10:00 AM - English by Akanksha Ma'am (Mon & Tue)
10:00 AM - Maths & Reasoning by Sahil Sir (Wed, Thur & Fri)

✿ Weekend Special Classes:
09:00 AM - Current Affairs by Sumit Sir (Sat & Sun)

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