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Nessa Barrett - Pain (Full song Lyrics) 😭💔

Duration: 03:58

Track Republic

Published on 31 July 2020

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Song Lyrics:
By: Nessa Barrett


You took away my heart and
Told me we were different
Beautiful with room to grow

You left me in the morning
Softly without warning
How was I supposed to know?


Oh I’m trying
Give me a reason
To let you go cause
Right now I can’t

I’m in pain
I’m in pain


And I feel lost with out you
Never thought to doubt you
Oh, who else is there to blame?

So save your best excuses
They can’t get me through this
Maybe time can, maybe space


Oh I’m trying
Give me a reason
To let you go cause
Right now I can’t

I’m in pain
I’m in pain


Should I say I’m sorry?
Did I mess it up?
All that you got from me
Was it not enough?


I’m in pain
I’m in pain
You’re to blame
I’m in pain
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