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DAX x EMIWAY "I Been That" (Official Video)

Duration: 03:35


Published on 09 August 2019

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(LYRICS BELOW) ITS FINALLY HERE! Dax ft Emiway Bantai : I BEEN THAT! I crossed the 7 seas and made an international BANGER. This is definitely a historic moment. AVAILABLE ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS! Share this with everyone you know on all social media. This is two independent organic artist grinding!


Produced by: @lexnourbeats
Directed by: Ray Haan Patni

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To anyone who makes it this far in the description THANK YOU for your continues support! lets keep showing the world what hardwork can do! Keep spreading the word! The time is soon coming.
I crossed seas to the check the temperature
found myself india,
Hollywood to Bollywood with bars from nigeria,
inspected the criteria
realized foreign ties are great if not superior

I been that
Fuck that shit Dax is going global,
I Eint Neva been the type to say I told you but i told you, Ya I told you
that I would Graduate from local and evolve into CEO millionaire mogul.
Took time, crossed t’s, dotted I’s
realized real eyes recognized real guys
stopped wasting time,
took a flight overseas got to work and started building foreign ties

Ye nigga I been that
Studious at best I wasn’t first inside my class but I was first to get ahead, told my teacher I was dropping out of math cuz
I didn’t need a dumb equation just to teach me how to calculate success, algebraically though I been a (factor), multiplied my capacity from slave into master, multiplied my capacity from poet into rapper stopped asking niggas questions started giving niggas answers, that’s the truth, this is calculated murder when I step inside the booth, premeditated murder how I’m serving niggas truth
This is elevated thinking how I educated the youth tell a nigga read a book instead of sitting in a school
Ye I been that
The prerequisite, adjective, synonym, verb predicate, bacholarte,
Had to talk to god 10 times before I mastered it
liscesned it, trademarked fucked around and Pattened it

I been that
Ye nigga I been that
Swear to god on gawd mufuka ye ye you know I been that
Ye nigga I been that

(Emiway) English translation
I had been there when my views were just 2
I had been there when my haters were more than few
I had been there when people said your style won’t work but look at me now
Hey lil boi pay heed on the flow
Bollywood now grooves on my tunes
Have fun homie come watch my show
I slay the beat when i get a chance
My songs wipe my tears
Did u ever think and underground would
Get hear
Independent scene we talk less do more
M here to clear all the drama and mess

These rapper are stuck in the middle they don’t have organic reach , even little
If you talk shit about me anywhere
Then you won’t face the worse from me

My phone is out of reach
m chillin at the beach
Living my life on god’s lease
Ready to hit a homerun from the
Ready to sprint m on my knees
Iam on my increase
You on a decrease
I do it myself don’t have to say please
To anybody
Getting kisses from all misses
M chilling and m busy busy
Nothing was easy earlier
But took it easy
Some even said this is not how u gonna make it
Zippy my work zipped their mouth take it
If you wanna know the recipie
First come and mess with me
On their track they sound like mr.bean
Go rest in peace
Why should i do stuff like you do
What i do u and ua homies can’t do
Enough about you
My game changed
Ma them with hunter
Ill leave like a hero
Lots of song in my store
Its all a theropy
They don’t know how much effort it
Takes to make a song
My chick doesn’t know how to cook
Rapper don’t know how to write good hook
Even ma rapper if they wanna hear my trouble
Ask them to buzz off.

I been that
Ye nigga I been that
Swear to god on gawd mufuka ye ye you know I been that
Ye nigga I been that

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